Raleigh, NC Car Detailing

What’s up?! Bugatti Art is back with another auto detailing service review. Today, we are reviewing Raleigh Car Detailing (http://www.raleighcardetail.com). If you’re in the Raleigh, NC area, then we’d like to hear what you have to say about this company. Alright, let’s get into the review!

Raleigh Car Detailing scheduled us for a Friday morning, and they were perfectly on time. They weren’t a minute early, nor a minute late. We talked for a few minutes before they began, and I was more than comfortable with the services we agreed upon – interior and exterior detail. Upon meeting them, they were extremely professional and took pride in their work.

Although they worked on the vehicle for four hours, the results were excellent! The interior detail was amazing! My Supra was a mess, but after they finished it was spotless. They vacuumed the cloth, and wiped down the dash. Additionally, they removed stains from the fabrics with the use of shampoo. Its safe to say that we were thoroughly impressed.

As for the exterior, they did an amazing! We needed a wash, but we really needed a wax too. After removing the dirt from the outside of the car, they took their time with the wax. After they finished, the difference was night and day! We really noticed the difference on the exterior paint. If you’re debating waxing your automobile, then I’d do it if the price is right.

Thanks Raleigh Car Detailing! Y’all did an amazing job, and we’ll be sure to be back! If you’d like to visit the website of Raleigh Car Detailing, then you can click here!